Update on the Apartment Fire at 30 N. Jacob St.

Update on the Apartment Fire at 30 N. Jacob St.


I want to thank all the people that have been contacting various churches and organizations to gather information of their immediate needs and where to send their donations.


  1. The 6 victims are placed for the moment with family, friends, or in motels. I have had conversations, sometimes daily, with them or churches who are lending both immediate mental and financial support.
  2. The immediate need is to find a room or efficiency apartment to rent. The apartment (rooming house) has been condemned and probably won’t be rebuilt until the end of next year.
  3. The Landlord has been extremely concerned about their situations. She has returned their November rent to them and will be issuing their security deposit after they have removed what was salvageable and signed papers that they have taken everything that is theirs.
  4. If we can not locate housing for them, they will need money to continue living or move to a motel until housing has been found.
  5. Other needs will include purchasing new cell phones if his/her phone was damaged.
  6. The furniture bank will be able to help furnish their new room or apartment, but monies will be needed for a small refrigerator, microwave, mattresses, etc.
  7. Highlanders and MJHS are sharing the cost of washing their clothes, drying, and folding them. Highlanders has the proper detergents and machines to deal with getting rid of the smoke smell.
  8. Some made need to replace some or all their clothes.
  9. At the present time, we are taking it one day at a time with them. Each time that I have been in contact with them they are able to suggest one way we can help. Two of the victims are members of local churches, the ministers and staff have working closely with the victims to see what they need now and in the future.
  10. After many calls to agencies to find a permanent place to live, we have come up with a big 0.
  11. If we cannot locate housing for them, they will need money to continue living or move to a motel until housing has been found.
  12. For now, we are requesting financial donations. These would be used to cover the cost of security deposits, first month’s rent, first month’s utility bills. They also will be required to get rental insurance.
  13. Checks should be made out to Mount Joy Helping Services with fire victims written on the memo line. Our address is PO Box 562, Mount Joy, PA 17552.



Scouting for Food 2020

Working together, Troop 39 – boys, Troop 39 – girls, Girl Scouts of America, and Cub Pack 263 collected 1105 bags of food (setting another record) for Mount Joy Community Food Bank. After approximately 10 hours of unpacking, sorting and date checking by our 10 member Food Bank team, our shelves are organized, stocked and ready for the months ahead.

Thank you to everyone in the Mount Joy community for making this a HUGE success!


Giving Back to the Community

When Pastor Albert at Glossbrenner Church asked if the Mount Joy Furniture Bank could gather health supplies to be taken to Mission Central, we did what we could to help! Through communication with Mission Central, Pastor Albert had discovered that there was a shortage of supplies. When the Furniture Bank was out of space, Bob Huff and John Paules loaded up Bob’s truck and delivered what we had collected.


Help for Eviction Prevention

Both renters and landlords can participate in an eviction protection program, with a primary focus on households below 80% of Area Median Income ($63,600 annually). To start the process of getting help, households can call 2-1-1 and be assessed for eligibility. Eligible households then participate in Eviction Prevention Network (EPN) – partner facilitated tenant/landlord mediation; engage in ongoing case management and/or financial coaching; and could receive rental assistance.

If you are in need of assistance, please see the link below for more information:

One United Lancaster – click here

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Troop 39 Holds Food Drive During COVID-19

Dillian Greenig, Mount Joy Boy Scout Leader of Troop #39, wanted to do something for the people in Mount Joy during the COVID-19 pandemic. So he decided to have a Mini Contactless Food Drive on Saturday, April 18th, to benefit the Mount Joy Food Bank.

Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Greenig and Dillon delivering food and monetary donations to the Food Bank. Thank you for your generosity!

Troop 39 Food Drive Mount Joy Food Bank
Pictured L to R: Clay Gold, Dillian Greenig, and Mr. Greenig
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Two Area Youth Pay it Forward

Jordin and Addison Meyers wanted to do something for the healthcare workers and Penn State Hershey Hospital where their father worked, and so they created and donated a number of rubber band mask holders to help protect healthcare workers’ ears. The count donated is around 175 bands so far!

When people at their dad’s work started giving donations for all the girls’ work on the rubber band mask holders, Jordin and Addison decided right away they did not want to keep it! Their first thought was the Food Bank.

Then their grandparents, Dennis and Janet Lehman, decided they would match the money raised.  The girls came to Mount Joy Helping Services and donated the $200 they had raised in addition to the $200 match from their grandparents. Thank you!

Rubber band mask holders
Rubber band mask holders created by Jordin and Addison

Thank You!

Thank you to the Mount Joy Community who are continuing to drop off food and/or sending monetary donations.

Your generosity is allowing us to keep the Food Bank up and running.

A shout out to the 10 volunteers pictured for adapting to the change to the drive-thru process of distributing food and to fellow Rotarians for delivering food to people, who can not make it to the Food Bank.