Giving Back to the Community

When Pastor Albert at Glossbrenner Church asked if the Mount Joy Furniture Bank could gather health supplies to be taken to Mission Central, we did what we could to help! Through communication with Mission Central, Pastor Albert had discovered that there was a shortage of supplies. When the Furniture Bank was out of space, Bob Huff and John Paules loaded up Bob’s truck and delivered what we had collected.

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Two Area Youth Pay it Forward

Jordin and Addison Meyers wanted to do something for the healthcare workers and Penn State Hershey Hospital where their father worked, and so they created and donated a number of rubber band mask holders to help protect healthcare workers’ ears. The count donated is around 175 bands so far!

When people at their dad’s work started giving donations for all the girls’ work on the rubber band mask holders, Jordin and Addison decided right away they did not want to keep it! Their first thought was the Food Bank.

Then their grandparents, Dennis and Janet Lehman, decided they would match the money raised.  The girls came to Mount Joy Helping Services and donated the $200 they had raised in addition to the $200 match from their grandparents. Thank you!

Rubber band mask holders
Rubber band mask holders created by Jordin and Addison